bullseyes, Bulstrode

[heavily warded owl, eyes-only...

...to Millicent Bulstrode, to be opened only with the hematite pendant charm]

I do not know what I could say to convince you, Millicent. I cannot even say that you are my daughter and you must obey. You were driven away as much as you ran away.
Your aunt and uncle told me to tell you. Post-haste, as Marius says. But it is too late now. For many things. Millicent, I remarried in January. She is a good woman, Maggie. No, it was not to replace your mother, though I expect you will always suspect that.
The shop is in good hands. You can even return to it, if you wish.
Too late for many things. But not this. We have a window of time, an opportunity... join us. Please. It may not be better, than before. You would be safe, though. I promise that. I realise you have obligations and ties in Hogwarts. There is no reason why you cannot continue on with them when it is safer. Frankly your NEWTs preparation will not mean much if there is nowhere you can apply it. You can take them whenever you please, judging by your Charms work.
You cannot save them all. Save yourself, yes. You are too young to throw yourself away. I thought you a full grown woman and it is true. You are. But I will not have another child, Millicent, and however selfish it may seem, it grows harder and harder to stand by as the reports become grimmer. And... perhaps it will not mean much to you, but Maggie would like to meet you.
Reply to this letter if you are interested. Otherwise, I wish you good health and happiness, and all you rightfully deserve.

Your Father,
J., whip!

[heavily secured raven post, eyes-only]

The Mediterranean quarter is secure. A good try, no matter. The timing is exquisite. I hope everything is proceeding nicely on your end.

Judging from the efforts of third parties, they can still be attacked on the side unlooked-for.

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J., whip!

that was fun. not.

I suppose not many people can find bloodied & dead loved ones at all amusing. But my alarm charm hadn't gone off, so.

The interesting thing about Riddikulus is it can make said bloodied & dead loved ones complain about their hair & the cheapness of their clothes. Sadly I was laughing too hard to round up the little bugger.

You should really eat more.
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bullseyes, Bulstrode

[owls] taking care of business

OOC note: No problem if there are delays in replying to these. All owls to non-students are heavily warded eyes-only.

Ron WeasleyCollapse )

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Seth GravesCollapse )

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Professor FlitwickCollapse )

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Headmaster DumbledoreCollapse )

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JCollapse )

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Megan JonesCollapse )

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to Arborfield GreenCollapse )

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to Gerrards CrossCollapse )
bullseyes, Bulstrode

[Warded Private] all the lights that lead you there are blinding

everything heavily warded and eyes-only

Back up. Way up. When we drew the Fool card, back in 1612, it was hard not to laugh. I've spent so long not looking the fool. Not leading the way, only following. Living in Brand's boots was an education in what the Bulstrodes had been... what they would always be. Ours is a line that is based on stasis, but not on playing it safe. There is, in the end, too much Umbell in me.

That's how it came, a stroke of luck. Had I not watched that youth singing & prancing the part of Ariel, it would not have occurred to me to summon my elemental, some four hundred years before, like Prospero, I would set it free.

escaping 1612Collapse )

the gatekeeperCollapse )

the cheesecakeCollapse )

Blaise's giftCollapse )

going to fail my NEWTsCollapse )

QuidditchCollapse )
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meow, big bad

[warded to students and non-professors]

Slytherin is still drunk. Haha. Im not sure what time it is. I think we lost Blaisey in his stupor of JOY. He's so cute even when he's skipping off to shag. Draco was so terribly nice to let him off after all that time brewing for me. OH yeah the food was all safe, hurrah! Some of it yells "Go Draco!" when you bite it. So we're all ourselves! & in some cases showin' all ourselves!

Ah, no, not really. Nott disappointed. We convinced Bels to go for "truth" instead. Is it true Crabbe & Goyle speak French now? How appalling. O'course Seth, everyone got to kiss Seth 'cause that was the thing to do, an' all.

Oh my God I'm gonna fail my NEWTs!

But is jolly fine 'cause Draco is lovely & kicks arse & flies like a bird & sings like one too. Eats like one too. Shall have to feed him something substantial for breakfast. Leave for a few weeks & everyone stops eating.
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bullseyes, Bulstrode

Charms is cancelled tonight

...as it has been for the duration of my absence. Thank you Justin for picking up the slack. If my tutoring students want a refund for lost time, that would be fine.

I see dear Draco is in fine form. I may have a shortage of witty banter for a while, as the prevailing talk was on the line of "Die goblin scum & devill crush thine soul to kindling!"

That was quite fun, actually. I am owed a favour from the Weasleys, as I did not inform their ancestor about Percy. Bob the Basher would have choked to death on his grog, like.

Fawcett, would the 3B like their axe back?

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Heavily warded PrivateCollapse )
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